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Smokey Starship

Smokey Starship Hookah

Smokey Starship Hookah

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This Hookah is meant to be the life of the party! Wireless Multi-Color LED gives the smoking session a euphoric experience. The Smokey Starship Hookah is portable friendly and durable making it perfect for any occasion!

Purchased Unit Includes  2 Leather Tubes + Ceramic Bowl + Coal Holder



Purchased Unit Includes  2 Leather Tubes + Ceramic Bowl + Coal Holder

Material:                        Acrylic


Single package size:   20X20X3cm

Single gross weight:     2.800kg

Care information

Make sure to properly dry non acrylic pieces to avoid mold.

Do not leave fruit or juices and alcoholic breverages in the hook for more than 24hrs can create clogging and mold in your hookah

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Revolutionizing hookahs

We worked endlessly for months creating the most esentric hookah. We developed a hookah that implements futuristic elements while also providing the essentials needed for first time users as well as enthusiast

Cleaning Instructions

To remove the center stem and take the base to the sink to rinse it soap with water.

Clean within 24hrs of using hookah if used fruit, juices, alcholic breverages and non water based liquids to prevent mold and damange. If used water change within 48hrs.